3D Verses 1D Dimensional Worlds

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Clypz life is an illusion3D Verses 1D Dimensional Worlds

There is a lot of talk about 3D and maybe a 4D Dimensional Worlds!

But going back the other way i.e. 2 Dimensional Worlds. Is there one?
A Book “Flatland by A Square 1884” is great reading and describes a 2 Dimensional World.

A person who is 2 Dimensional (2D) cannot perceive a 3 Dimensional World (3D), but the 3D person can perceive a 2D world. A 2D person could be a triangle or a square or a circle or combinations, all with only 2 dimensions.

Going back one more step and you get a 1 Dimensional World (1D).
It is hard to imagine how a 1D world could exist. No dimensions but everything is functional just the same?

Religious organizations promote a God and Heaven which can be one way of trying to imagine a 1D World.

The closest example to a 1D world is the current Internet, the World Wide Web.

The Internet is continually working but you cannot see or touch it. A 3D person can perceive a 1D world and we use it everyday. Using special “3D to 1D Converters” we are able to manipulate the 1D World to do our bidding.

These “3D to 1D Converters” are devices such as Keyboards and Microphones on computers and mobile phones. To get information out of the 1D World we use “1D to 3D Converters” which are devices such as Display Screens, Loud-Speakers and Printers.

But we really have no idea how the 1 Dimensional World exists. Even the Internet Designers and Scientists can’t explain it, they know how to manipulate it, but they haven’t figured out how or why an Internet, made up of the electrical behavior of atoms, can possibly be in existence.

We can enslave the 1D world to do our bidding such as delivering messages (i.e. Emails) all around our 3D world, moving our Bank records to our own display, remembering our birthdays, giving us permission to purchase goods using a Credit Card, etc. . . . .

The 1D world does not create anything for the 3D world as it doesn’t know that we exist. It just gets a command, obeys it and gives back a result. We can only get out what we put in to the 1D world.

I wonder what would happen if the 1D World went on strike for a better deal?? Our 3D World would collapse.


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