Repetitive Life

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Clypz life is an illusion Repetitive Life

Almost all jobs and professions become repetitive. Your job becomes boring and you want to escape to a new job or a new profession.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a factory job or are a brain surgeon, the problem is the same. You want to change because your daily work has become boring and want to escape.

What holds you back from escaping is your current living expenses, i.e. Family, food, rent/mortgage, life expenses.

Whether you have a higher education, trade education, or no education you become unhappy with your working life which can then spill over into your private life, creating havoc.

If you don’t attend to the “Bored With Your Job” issue it will eat you up and will create permanent damage such as Divorce, Family violence, work mistakes, getting fired from your job, unemployment, loss of family and friends.

For jobs such as factory workers and shop assistants the “Boredom Syndrome” is noticeable and is usually fixed fairly quickly. But for the higher Intellect Professions it is not so obvious, and their mistakes can be more catastrophic (imagine making a mistake if you were a brain surgeon!).

Jobs, Trades & Professions all start at the school level where teachers are supposed to educate every student towards a profession at their own intellect level. Unfortunately most Teachers only teach history, they are not interested the future or in their Students’ future.

No one looks at the “Long Term Effects” of working in Society. Long Term Effects can have catastrophic repercussions in a countries future growth.

Unfortunately “TIME” catches up with most people and they realize that their chosen Profession was a bad choice.

99% of the population are given an illusion of how great each Profession is, but the population is not given any advice about how the future may become boring after years of repetitive work practices.

For some “Repetitive” is OK, they have found something they can do without a lot of thought to complete. An envious position to be in. For others “Repetitive” is what they have to put up with for life.

“Working Levels” are many. Some are OK at the basic level, some are OK at the medium level and some are OK at the higher intellect level.

The problem arises when someone has recognized their “repetitive boredom” and wants to change professions. They are incapable of jumping working levels and select another wrong job only to repeat their life and end up at the “repetitive boredom” situation again.

This “Work Boredom” is critical to Society. The Education System ignores it because of money! Sad, but true. Education Institutions are businesses and have to make a profit for their investors. Education is a mass production product with no quality control and no warranty!

Are you bored with your job? Do you want to make a change? Go forward slowly and select the next job with extreme care. No more “Illusions of Grandeur”, find a profession that will make you happy.

Clypz life is an illusion Clypz Is Tracking Down Why We Live



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