Tracking Down Why We Live

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Clypz Is Tracking Down Why We Live
Tracking Down Why We Live

We, at Clypz, are tracking down why we live and we are trying to rationalize “What is the purpose of the Earth and its occupants?”.

The Scientific world only seem to ask one Question:
“When” did the world as we know it begin?

Scientists, Mathematicians, All Religious sects and even non-religious believers ask “When”.

The real Question is “Why” not “When”.

It is strange that animals eat and sleep and propagate their species; WHY?
(Yes you are an animal too)

It is strange that plants grow, fertilize and propagate their species; WHY?

The Moon goes round the Earth, and the Earth goes round the Sun; WHY?

There may have been a Creator . . . . OR . . . . it all just suddenly started for no reason? Another alternative is that the world, as we know it, doesn’t exist at all. It is all an Illusion. A contrived Illusion made by each of us as we think about things. The more people who think about one idea the more it will be real. . . . . .

Life is an Illusion.

We haven’t figured it all out yet, but we are very close.

We’ll keep you posted of our research each step of the way.

Clypz life is an illusion Clypz Is Tracking Down Why We Live


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