The Work Place Illusion

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Clypz life is an illusion

The Work Place Illusion

There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded. Mark Twain

The work place is where people spend most of their life working to survive.

The company bosses keep pushing you to be better and be more productive. Promising you a promotion if you shine at what you do.

What is amazing is that when the next promotion occurs, you are bypassed and some lazy worker who spent most of their time chatting up the boss gets the promotion! Frustrating. Almost kills your enthusiasm to continue working.

Bosses encourage “Teams” as they say a team is more efficient and more productive. Statements such as “Be part of the Team”, “We are only as strong as the Team”, “Keep up the Team Spirit”.

The “Team” is another illusion created to enhance the physical world’s requirement to keep people distracted and to push them to continually make things change which creates a stronger illusion that the physical world is real.

The Team is a conspiracy set up by companies to make everyone an average performer, which reduces the threat of an employee moving up the ranks of management! If you are an intelligent person with lots of energy then you will be ostracized at work. The Team can’t compete at your level therefore you have one of two choices:

1. Slow down to the average Team working level,


2. GET OUT or be fired from your job!

If you work harder than the Team then you will never get promoted as you have become indispensable at your working level. A “Slacker” or average Team member, who lets others do the work while they chat up the boss will be the most likely one to be promoted.

The only reason a Team is encouraged is to relieve the bosses of their supervising responsibilities. The boss can now go out to late lunches and to generally slack off or to talk to his Boss about being promoted.

Teams cause problems:

  • Hard workers are forced to become average.
  • Slow / Slack workers become disgruntled and pull the average down. They don’t work any harder just because they are in a Team.

The average work proficiency level of a Team is about 40% productivity. Without having a Team then the level jumps to about 60% productivity. The Team is only as good as the worst worker. A bit like the speed of traffic on a single lane road; the highest speed is determined by the slowest motor vehicle.

People are forced to be part of the mass illusion. The real workers, the fast workers will not be put down and move on to more efficient businesses or start their own Business.

Are you a real worker or a slacker?

Clypz life is an illusion Clypz Is Tracking Down Why We Live


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